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About us

We are a team of creatives who got together to help brands we love grow. Five years and dozens of awards later, here we are.

Our creative team

Adam Smith

CEO at Marketingistic

After spending fifteen years in marketing, I knew I had more to offer. After a slew of rejections by the top agencies, I started my own.

Thomas Park

Head of Design, Marketingistic

I consider my work to be my main creative outlet. My main philosophy is that there is no problem you can’t design a solution for.

John Green

Head of Content

Writing was how I preferred to communicate growing up. When you can edit, there’s less chance you’ll say something stupid. Some 20 years later, I’m doing the same thing.

Small team, big ideas

We’re a small company, and that’s by design. We believe you don’t need five managers for every doer and that bureaucracy kills creativity.

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